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musings of a middle-aged optimist

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Jul. 24th, 2015 @ 12:00 pm
and Emma. I didn't mean to leave Emma out.

We got Mom home Jul. 16th, 2015 @ 03:36 pm
10 minutes later she was gone. The hospice nurse said it was a photo-finish and not the first one she had seen. She said most don't even make it to the bed. Mom did. We are relieved her agony is ended.

Mom lasted through the night - going home!! Jul. 16th, 2015 @ 08:54 am
The night doctor said she wasn't stable enough for transport. Her day doctor disagrees and we're taking her home!

She's shutting down Jul. 16th, 2015 @ 12:32 am
My mom's feet are purple and cold. Her doctor says she's going to decline rapidly tonight. She won't be going home to her house tomorrow, but she will be going home.

Down we go. She had a premonition. Jul. 14th, 2015 @ 08:54 pm
Today I spoke with my mom's doctor who said they were unable to manage her fever with three strong IV antibiotics but was still talking about transitioning her to oral meds and sending her home on Thursday. That seemed wrong to me. If strong IV antibiotics can't control whatever infection is causing the fever, how are we supposed to manage it at home when she can't swallow pills?

At the nurses shift change yesterday, Sherrie heard them say Mom had been admitted with Sepsis due to extreme constipation. That's the first we heard of sepsis. If that's really Mom they were talking about and not some other patient, it explains her rapid failure.

Two days ago, when she was in her altered state, she refused food saying "I'm going to be dead in three days!" Now she has slipped into a coma with labored breathing. I'm having my dinner and heading to the hospital to join my sister at her bedsde. We both think the end of the ride is approaching. We think Mom had a premonition.
Other entries
» Back up the slope Mom rallies!
Mom has rallied, is eating a little puréed food and might go home for Hospice after all! Of course, this could go downhill at any time. Today she's rational for the most part but has yet to gain control of her body and speech. Just in the five hours I've been here, her words are noticeably coming back. I found a plush kitty in the gift shop and she enjoyed that very much. I also got her a get well balloon to brighten up her room. We're really hoping most of her problem is the morphine slowly leaving her system. Sherrie is trying to arrange the live-in caregivers, a lift, a bedside table and a wide wheelchair to have them in place before they let her leave the hospital. She already has a hospital bed. I guess we will need the ramp finished after all!
» Mom came close to leaving us early this morning
Mom went into a-fib ths morning. She has a DNR in place. They called my sister who approved a transfusion that stabilized her. If it had been my decision, I would have refused the transfusion and let her go. But then, I don't know if they need my signature on something to honor her DNR. My Gramma had a DNR back in the 1980's and was in a hospital with inoperable colon cancer. I stayed with her overnight on her last night conscious with instructions from the family to hold off the resusitation team until 10 minutes after she passed so they couldn't bring her back because they required all of her children to sign a paper agreeing to honor the DNR before they would and my oldest aunt hadn't arrived yet to sign it. I sure hope laws have changed. A person's wishes should be honored.

They moved Mom to a different floor for a higher level of care. We meet with the Palliative care team today to make plans for her care these final days.
» Advice on a DSL modem for my elderly mother
Hello, I'm my mother's tech support and while I know a lot about Windows and a decent amount about corporate networking, my knowledge for home dsl modems is limited.

Her AT&T DSL modem is overheating and shutting down. Apparently they sold it to her and it's now out of warranty.

Their choices are 2Wire, Motorola and Westell modems. I believe she has Motorola now. From the reviews I've read, the first two brands have overheating problems. There's not much available about the Westell F90 other than there are quite a few available used. That's not a good omen to me.

From information gathered by googling "dependable dsl modems", I'm tempted to pick up an ActionTec GT724R at Fry's.

My mom is fighting terminal cancer and doesn't like to bother me so she'll go days without a connection before she asks for help. I don't like for her to be cut off from her email and online medical care.

Dependability is a huge issue for us. Any advice?

*** whoops! This was meant for the ITProfessionals journal. lol, oh well. ***

Thanks in advance.
» Urgent question for Concussion veterans
How did you know when you were recovered enough to go back to work? My doctors have not been helpful with this.

I've had brain damage yet they expect me know know when I'm better? My judgement has been off so long, I don't trust it anymore.
» Poor Freeway.
We knew when we rescued Freeway from the pound that it might simply be hospice for her. As things turned out, that's exactly what it was.

After a week of trying to get her to do more than taste the many foods offered to her, my mom let me take her to the vet on Saturday. We got the blood test results yesterday. She's dying of advanced kidney disease. We could do daily hydrations to keep her going for a while, but they'd only be postponing the inevitable. My mom and I discussed it. I'm experienced in home hydration but the reality of the situation is she is still refusing to eat. She only has days left, miserable days of pain. Mom is taking her in this afternoon to do the kind thing and help her leave.

She got one extra day the shelter wouldn't have given her. She got 10 days of comfort and love instead of the cold impersonal cage she was in. She has been a total snuggle baby. Mom says she looks at the money spent as a donation she can't take off of her taxes.

Poor Freeway. At least she got love the last 10 days.

Freeway at Mom's Freeway at Mom's
Freeway exchanges blinks with Eric Freeway exchanges blinks with Eric
Freeway snuggles with Mom Freeway snuggles with Mom

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